Welcome to Shambhala, your sanctuary for sustainable yoga wear. We're a conscious brand born in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, rooted in the philosophy that yoga is more than a practice; it's a way of life.

What is Shambhala?

The concept of Shambhala resonates deeply with us, both in name and spirit. Shambhala is often considered a mythical kingdom, hidden away from the chaos of the world—a sanctuary of wisdom, peace, and enlightenment. This spiritual realm is not just a place but a state of consciousness, one that we all carry within us. It signifies a journey toward our truest selves and a harmonious world.

Who We Are?

Located in the artistic and dynamic city of Barcelona, we're a passionate group of yoga lovers, earth caretakers and everyday seekers. To us, yoga isn't just an activity; it's a holistic way of living that seeps into every corner of our lives. With Shambhala, you're not just buying yoga wear; you’re embracing a mindful way of life.

Core Values: What Guides Us

Caring First: For us, sustainability is far from a trendy catchphrase; it's our day-to-day commitment. We hold ourselves accountable for ethical production and the sustainable materials we choose.

Unity: The core of our brand is our community— a union of hearts driven by the principles of a yoga-conscious lifestyle.

Joy is Contagious: Joy is our mantra. We choose to focus on the positives, understanding that life's a tapestry of experiences needing a bright outlook.

Truthfulness: Authenticity isn't just a policy; it's our essence. We maintain a transparent, honest way of doing business that aligns with our values.

Be More with Less: In a universe overflowing with plenty, we promote mindful consumption. We create high-quality, durable products that stand the test of time.

Our Promise: Thoughtfully Crafted Yoga Wear

Earth-Conscious Choices: We're precise about the eco-friendly materials we use and opt for small-batch production to leave as small a footprint as possible. 

Design-Focused: Our collections are tailored for the yoga lifestyle, seamlessly blending function and aesthetics. Your comfort is our design, whether you're on or off the mat.

Community-Centric: More than a brand, we are a community. We focus on empathy and fairness in all that we do, hoping to create a legacy that resonates through generations.

Why Choose Shambhala?

Experienced: We are a collective of experienced yoga practitioners; we get it. We know why functional, eco-friendly yoga wear matters.

Community-Driven: Our focus extends beyond apparel; it's about community and connection.

Versatile: Our designs are your day-to-day companions, adaptable from yoga sessions to casual coffee runs.

Quality-First: We opt for the best natural fabrics, aiming to offer comfort and durability in each piece we create. 

Transparent: We're proud of our certifications in ethical and sustainable practices, and we have no secrets about how we operate.

Inclusive: Yoga is a universe of its own, meant for every shape and size. Shambhala celebrates this diversity, promoting products that are accessible and empowering for all.

Thank you for aligning your journey with ours. Your essence amplifies our shared journey to a mindful and balanced existence.